Wilson Cruz is a shirtless leather daddy on the latest magazine cover

From his breakthrough portrayal of gay character Rickie Vasquez in the 1980s television series My so called life, Wilson Cruz has won kudos for his acting skills while also making many hearts beat faster with his stunning beauty. And in order to prove that he ages like a good wine, Cruz recently dressed himself in leather for the cover of Photo album magazine.

The interpreter said Photo album the “biggest challenge” of her career has been finding roles for LGBTQ + actors of color.

“A lot of my experience was finding the right roles that were open to me or, in my case, finding the roles that, with some collaboration, I could make better or more specific,” Wilson said. “It was also a challenge convincing the content creators that the characters they envisioned didn’t necessarily have to be straight white people from the CIS. [man] and giving them sufficient reason, at my hearing, to change their mind.

Cruz said he has seen some movement and growth in the industry when it comes to visibility and representation in the industry, especially on television.

“I think the biggest changes I’ve seen in terms of LGBTQ visibility have been on TV,” Cruz continued. “I took a few years off work at GLAAD, especially to work on this issue, and I really believe that the conversations we had with the networks and the content creators at that time allowed them to see, not just how important inclusiveness and visibility are. are for the community and the powerful storytelling opportunities for them, but also alert them to the money they were leaving on the table by NOT being more inclusive. “

When asked to choose his favorite or the proudest moment of his career, Cruz made the obvious but difficult choice.

“It’s so hard to answer because I’m very proud of the job I’m doing right now,” said Cruz. Photo album. “However, I think it is undeniable to me that Rickie Vasquez on My so called life saved and continues to save lives in just 19 episodes. The fact that this show has endured and continues to gain an audience almost 30 years later and have the effect it has on young gay men, as it does, will remain with me for the rest of my life.

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