Waves Cosmos is a free sample management tool that organizes all your loops and one-shots and then lets you find the sound you’re looking for

So it turns out we were sort of right about the “free surprise” that Waves teased yesterdaybecause Cosmos – as the software in question is known – is indeed a sample management tool.

Plus, it comes with 2,500 free and royalty-free one-shots and loops, so our prediction that it might be a free sample pack was also good. Basically, we take this as a win.

Cosmos is designed to bring order to your sample collection, putting all the loops and one-shots on your hard drive in one easy-to-find place. Waves says its Neural Networks technology can analyze, automatically tag and sort your samples, leaving you with a single unified database where you can easily find everything you have.

You can “see” your samples in three different views: Waveform, List, and Cosmos. All your one-shots and loops can be filtered and searched by instrument, BPM, key and sound characteristics, and WAV, AIFF, OGG and FLAC files are supported.

Once the analysis is done, the theory is that you can then find a distorted kick drum (for example) just by typing the words ‘distorted’ and ‘kick’ into the search bar, no matter how your sounds are named. Files can be previewed in Cosmos and then dragged and dropped into your sampler or JACKDAW.

Cosmos works as a standalone application and also integrates with Waves’ CR8 creative sampler plugin. You can download it now from Waves website.

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