Three companies in the running for the Hygienix innovation prize – magazine for the non-woven industry

INDA has named three finalists for the Hygienix Innovation Awards, a competition held in conjunction with its Hygienix Absorbent Products conference in Scottsdale, AZ next month. The three finalists will present their products at the conference and conference attendees will choose the winner in real time.

The finalists are:

• Curt G. Joa, Inc.’s Stretch Core Wrap is a patent pending expandable core wrap design that allows the core to expand inside the containment envelope when product is insulted. , regardless of the ratio of mixed fluff and superabsorbent polymer (SAP). The stretch wrap allows for higher SAP cores, resulting in thinner and more absorbent hygiene products. The base materials remain contained in the casing, which reduces the risk of leakage, decreases skin irritation and improves skin health. The expandable core shell design is available for product cores with and without channels.

• Glatfelter’s GlatPure Backsheet differs from most backsheets on the market today which are made from plastic film and nonwovens such as polyethylene (PE). GlatPure Backsheet is made from natural fibers, which allows it to be fully compostable and compliant with the EU Single Use Plastics Directive. This barrier layer used in diapers, incontinence and feminine hygiene products protects against leaks and offers reliable protection while remaining comfortable and discreet.

• Kudos Diapers by Kudos is the first and only disposable diaper where baby’s bottom touches 100% physician-recommended cotton all day long, carbon-free and gentle on sensitive skin compared to plastic derived from fossil fuels. The kudos are four times more plant-based than the disposable primary diaper, and its patent-pending DoubleDryT technology incorporates twice as many absorption layers.

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