They graced a cover of the magazine Joséphine 2007: Where are they now? | Blanket girl

When Kathryn Schwarz and Megan Lindner graced the January 2007 cover of Josephine magazine, they were just starting their adulthood. The sisters had recently graduated from Stewartsville High School and were pursuing very different career paths.

Now, 14 years later, women work for the same employer, albeit in different departments, and both serve the community.

Schwarz has been part of Mosaic Life Care since it was on our cover. She is currently the Senior Interventional Radiology Technologist. Schwarz’s first 10 years were spent providing X-ray imaging services for hospital operating rooms. She wanted to continue her education using Mosaic’s tuition reimbursement program and has taken one course per semester for the past three years. Schwarz will graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from North Central Missouri College in July.

Schwarz married Phillip Schwarz in October 2007 and they have two sons, Henry, 11, and Harvey, 8.

“I am always looking forward to going out with myself,” she said.

The couple live outside of Gower, Missouri, and enjoy the country life.

“Our family loves when life gives us opportunities to work and play together,” said Schwarz. “I always love to travel and always looking for the next trip.”

In 2017, they visited England, France and Hawaii. A few years later, they went to Italy.

You could say Lindner is a dreamer, but she’s not the only one. Since making the cover, Lindner said she transferred her studies to Missouri Western State University and earned an associate’s degree that uses her skills to serve the community.

As a licensed physiotherapist assistant, Lindner said she enjoys collaborating with a great group of therapists at the Mosaic Medical Center of Maryville Outpatient Center in Maryville, Missouri. She also has a busy family.

“My hours are filled with laughter, activities and laundry from our three beautiful children Lincoln, Whittaker and Vera,” she said.

Her husband, Andrew Lindner, serves the families in the care of Roberson Funeral Home.

“I’m grateful that I stayed in Northwest Missouri to be close to my family, whom I love to beat at cards and ping pong,” she said. “My kitchen is used more for dancing than for cooking. I will never cook like Kathryn, but popcorn is always available from us. I simultaneously find that I want to be outside with my kids, enjoy great theater performances or live movies, or read a book undisturbed.

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