The Time Magazine cover that wasn’t: photo of Putin + Hitler in the middle of the war in Ukraine | world news

Ukrainian War: Time’s latest coverage of one of Europe’s worst wars in recent history shows a tank with troops.

Global sentiment about the war in Ukraine is palpable on social media. From statuses to pictures, the internet is flooded with opinions and comments. A photo – which appeared to show a Time magazine cover about the invasion – has gone viral in recent days. The cover shows Russian Vladimir Putin with the mustache of German dictator Adolf Hiter – commonly known as “Putler”.

But there is only one problem. A lot of people said it was the last cover of Time Magazine, but it wasn’t.

Time’s latest coverage of one of Europe’s worst wars in recent history shows a tank with troops. “History returns – How Putin shattered Europe’s dream,” it read. The “Putler” cover has the same text. Putin used the “Nazi” narrative to justify the attack on Ukraine.

A graphic designer tweeted on Monday to say he designed the fake cover. “I created the cover for TIME the day Russia invaded Ukraine. The image is one of a sequence of three. I wanted to create something that adds to the conversation around the invasion of Ukraine and captures the mood of the audience,” wrote Patrick Mulder with a note of clarification.

“It wasn’t originally intended to be a TIME cover. The finished image was so powerful, I felt it deserved to be framed in an equally powerful way. I feel like the official TIME coverage was uninspired and lacking in conviction given the unprecedented events unfolding before our eyes,” he wrote further.

As the cover was widely shared on Twitter, his initial tweet was labeled as manipulated media.

The Russian offensive in Ukraine entered its sixth day and the first round of ceasefire talks did not advance on Monday. The UNGA holds a rare assembly to pressure Moscow to take back its troops.

But the onslaught continues with Ukraine’s second largest city – Kharviv – under attack. 70 Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Tuesday when Russian artillery hit a military base in the town of Okhtyrka.

(With contributions from AP, Reuters)


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