The 42-year-old’s murder was solved by a DNA sample

youA 42-year-old murder case was settled with a DNA sample.

Eve Wilkowitz, a 20-year-old secretary, was raped and strangled in 1980 on her way home from work in New York, USA. The body was found near the train station, with the case pending until then.

Herbert Rice, the prime suspect in Eve’s death, died of cancer in 1991. Earlier this month investigators obtained a warrant for her body to be exhumed and a DNA sample taken from the ‘bone. The American press reported that from this sample they obtained what matched the sperm found in Eve’s body.

Speaking to NBC News, Eve’s sister Irene Wilkowitz recalled that she was prepared for the worst when authorities contacted her, but this time they had the news she had been waiting for decades.

“We have identified the person responsible for your sister’s death,” said Jeffrey Pottery, a Suffolk County investigator who helped solve the case.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Suffolk District Attorney Raymond Tierney insisted the “42-year-old murder” was solved.

Herbert Rice lived near the station where Eve’s body was found. For three years, three minor convictions and no need to provide a DNA sample.

It was Irene Wilkowitz, the victim’s sister, who persuaded authorities to try to swap the letter, which was eventually dragged out with Suffolk County investigators until it was finalized.

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