Teenage Engineering Releases Pocket Operator for Pixel for Free: Sample-Based Audio/Video Groovebox Comes to Google Phones

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After making headlines with the high price Field OP-1 and TX-6 mini mixer, Teenage Engineering’s next step is to release a free music maker app for Google phones – Pocket Operator for Pixel.

Designed to bring the Pocket Operator experience to your Pixel device – Pixel 5 and later, that is – it uses Google’s TensorFlow machine learning technology to extrapolate samples from your videos, placing them on a grid of 4×4 buttons.

You can then sequence and mix these samples – recording live or step-by-step – and add effects. There are drum and melody modes, and you get four tracks and 16 patterns. Your videos are displayed at the top of the screen and you can also add filters to them.

Everything is very fun and very responsive. Once you’ve finished a song, it can be exported with just one click.

It remains to be seen whether this will lead to more collaborations between Teenage Engineering and Google – or if additional features will be added to the app in due course – but Pocket Operator for Pixel is certainly an impressive showcase for technology from both companies.

Pocket Operator for Pixel is available now on the google play (opens in a new tab) shop. It’s part of the latest “feature removal” for Pixel phones.

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