TC Electronic’s Infinite Sample Rack Lets You Shape Complex, Infinite Soundscapes |

TC Electronic introduced its first sustain pedal, Infinite, designed to allow players to create elaborate soundscapes with their guitars and pedals.

The single-pedal stomper marries TC’s Hall Of Fame reverb engine with modulation effects and allows players to create unique soundscapes. Players can play and stack notes or chords, and fade them over time, or ring out into eternity with Infinity Mode enabled.

Plus, the pedal can be set to Latching or Momentary mode to suit your playing style, and there’s even a built-in effects loop to introduce other pedals into the sustained signal for added sonic variety. .

Toneprint, which allows players to transmit presets to the pedal via a smartphone app, is also supported on the pedal.

The pedal is definitely one that ambient players should watch out for. “I am very excited about our first-ever sustain pedal, which opens up creative spaces ripe for exploration and experimentation,” TC Product Manager Paul Robert Scott said in a statement.

“Imagine the sounds you could create if you had infinite time in front of you. Well, we can’t give you an infinite amount of time, unfortunately, but we’re very happy to provide you with endless amounts of layers supported all the way to your toes.

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