Taste CAKE’s delicious fall menu!

We had the chance to catch up Ed galton, CEO of the London-based global distributor and producer of children’s and family series CAKE Entertainment to preview their fall market content list. Here is what he told us:

Can you tell us a bit about CAKE?

Ed Galton: CAKE is a global distributor and producer of children’s and family series. We distribute over 1,600 half-hours of content, working with renowned producers around the world as well as developing and producing shared and created projects including Angry Birds: Summer Madness and The Mama K 4 team for Netflix.

What new animation shows are you bringing to the fall markets this year?

  • New Total Dramatic Island series (26 half-hours) from Fresh TV, where contestants compete against each other in a reality TV series. After 14 years and seven seasons, we are returning to the original concept of the island. The show has an updated cast of 16 original and iconic contestants, who reflect today’s teens. It draws heavily on diversity with a young editorial team that represents each cultural perspective with humor, energy and a fresh, funny voice. While the original series was the highest rated show on Cartoon Network, Total drama continues to perform well for public broadcasters, premium pay channels and digital platforms.

Total drama

  • School comedy Dodo (20 x 11 ′), a funny and heartwarming depiction of everyday school life told through the eyes of 11-year-old Joe Connolly as he overcomes the pitfalls of his freshman year in high school alongside his Frisbo friends, Pete and Lily, who helps her overcome adversity and survive another day of school! While the series targets kids ages eight and up, Wildseed Studios has portrayed the drama and rough times of school life perfectly with comedy and perception – and for adults, memories of school days. bygone will come back! It premiered on Sky Kids in the UK and will launch in the US later this year.


  • OT and the Beasts (50 x 5 ′) introduces preschoolers to the comical adventures and misadventures of an adorable robot called BOT as he discovers new worlds and an assortment of bizarre beasts that inhabit them. This is the latest series from Ragdoll Productions (Teletubbies, In the night garden and Twirlywoos), whose reputation for producing high-caliber IPs with global appeal is unprecedented in the preschool space. Dialogue Light, its strong visual comedy combined with wonderful storytelling ensures its solid performance on CBeebies.
BOT and the beasts

BOT and the beasts

  • Jorel’s brother (104 x 11 ′) follows the daily adventures of a goofy, unnamed nine-year-old boy, who is overshadowed by his more infamous brother. Jorel’s brother tries to be as popular as his older brother Jorel, but while he ultimately lives to fail, he always finds an absurd solution when it comes to his unusual and eccentric family. Copa Studios’ multi-award-winning Brazilian comedy is now in its fourth season and has enjoyed huge success in Latin America on Cartoon Network, with its third season nominated for an International Emmy for Best Animated Series.
Jorel's brother

Jorel’s brother

  • Preschool show Tish tash (52 x 5 ′) follows the adventures of a young bear named Tish, his bear family, and his larger-than-life imaginary friend, Tash, as they learn about the world around them, embark on fun adventures while inspiring imaginative play and problem solving in young children. This show is a collaboration between South Korean animation store Studio Gale, Singapore-based August Media Holdings, Philippine media group Synergy88 Entertainment, and Emmy-winning UK-based BAFTA and Karrot Entertainment. Tish tash a truly comprehensive approach. The series will launch on CBeebies in the UK in September.
Tish tash

Tish tash

What are your top business priorities for the rest of 2021?

On the distribution side, we are actively seeking high quality content that covers all different areas of children’s entertainment from preschool through 6-12 and tweens. We recently announced the creation of CAKE Productions and we are focused on bringing our strong development roster of 15 titles into production. Titles include Bureau of Magic’s Dog Bird & Me and preschool musical series Cub Squad, created by Emily Chapman.

What do you like about animation work?

Unlimited storytelling, imaginative worlds, awesome creativity, extraordinary artistry and of course our partners, colleagues and friends, who make our industry exciting, innovative and fun!

For more information visit cakeentertainment.com.

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