Spitfire Audio shifts gears with Trinz Colors PST, a new drill sample library

Best known for its movie soundtrack focused sample libraries, Spitfire Audio now offers something more contemporary in the form of Trinz Colors PST. Promising “fresh sounds, loops and textures from the UK drilling scene”, this gives you a toolbox of sounds you can use to create full tracks.

Trinz Colors PST is Spitfire’s first collaboration with QMF (Quality Music Freak), a new creative division within the company that promises to bring “a contemporary perspective to sample libraries”. It was curated by drill producer Trinz and contains a total of 48 editable presets.

These are divided into three sections – Loops (20), Keys (20) and Drums (8). Multi-instrument loops can be triggered as a full performance in the lowest octave of your keyboard, and each of the stems has been split and colored over the remaining octaves.

The Keys section contains everything from subs to classic synth and electric piano sounds, while the Drums section features both Trinz-created loops and full kits. You can sculpt sounds using a variety of effects.

“The name Colors PST is inspired by my sonic palette,” says Trinz. “I try to create a whole range of colors in my music – personal to me, but open to all genres. People listen to music for the lyrics, but personally I listen to it for the producer’s message.

Trinz Colors PST is available now for $29 / £29 / €29 and works within Spitfire’s dedicated plugin. Learn more about the Spitfire Audio website.

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