Snuts sample Tony Benn’s voice for “Burn The Empire” | News

Scottish independent singers the snuts back with the new single ‘Burn The Empire’.

The band’s debut album, ‘WL’, crashed into the charts at number one when released this summer, backed by top-notch live performances.

Produced by Detonate at Angelic Studio, the new single ‘Burn The Empire’ continues its story by tapping into the discontent across the country.

As the group said: “This is first and foremost a song of protest over today’s empire of corrupt corporations and bastard politicians. An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to rule … “

Catchy indie riffs topped with a mind-boggling chorus, “Burn The Empire” opens with a sample of Tony Benn’s voice, dissecting the ways in which authorities create social apathy.

Singer Jack Cochrane comments …

“I wanted the word ’empire’ to be open, almost rhetorical about what constitutes or qualifies as an oppressive factor in your life, because it certainly exists for 99% of people. We have been pressured to stand up against the negative effects of big business on the everyday person. We all understand that these companies act ruthlessly and unethically in the name of profit. “

“I think that young people have always wanted a fairer and more egalitarian society and it is the voices of the old, the discontented and the ignorant who try to crush it. We believe that in 2022 there is no room for fascism or oppression of any kind and we must burn the empire that represents it.

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