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Following, a startup that designs better health and wellness experiences for women starting with a leak-proof pad, was launched and announced that it has raised $ 5 million in seed funding. Founded by two top athletes and engineers from Stanford, Sequel’s mission is to raise the bar in women’s products with better design and superior technology. This funding will fuel Sequel as the company brings its first new product to market, revitalizing a space that has not seen innovation for 80 years. MaC VC, Pear Accelerator, Long Journey Ventures, Ulu Ventures, Graph Ventures and other strategic angels including Cyan Banister and Nurx CEO Varsha Rao contributed to this round.

Sequel redesigned tampons for distraction-free times. The company’s proprietary spiral design is mechanically smoother, which means it absorbs fluid more evenly and won’t leak until it’s full. With two issued patents and three pending patents, Sequel was invented for peak performance, from the boardroom to the stadium and everything in between.

“We’re driven by a vision that a better tampon is just the start of a movement to raise the bar in women’s products,” said co-founders Greta Meyer, CEO, and Amanda Calabrese, COO. “We’re building the products we would have liked to have had on game day, raising the standards for products long neglected. With so much to worry about, a leaky tampon shouldn’t be one of them. “

Sequel was founded in 2018 by Meyer and Calabrese, both of whom were Stanford product design engineering students and elite athletes. Throughout their athletic careers, Meyer and Calabrese struggled with menstrual care at top athletic competitions, and they knew they weren’t alone. The duo took a critical look at period products and found that all of the options on the shelves were uncomfortable, leaky, and essentially the same, even when marketed as different. They saw an opportunity to create a better performing tampon.

“In a space saturated with private labels that have not innovated in years, Sequel is committed to creating an unprecedented intellectual property portfolio,” said Adrian Fenty, founding managing partner of MaC VC. “Their design and manufacturing innovations are really exciting, and I think they will make Sequel a game-changing, market-changing company. “

The Sequel team spent a year in research and development to invent their new and improved tampon. They tested the product on the bench and with the first beta testers, and came up with a whole new manufacturing method. They are preparing to seek FDA clearance in the New Year and to release the product in 2022. Sequel is also working with star gymnast, artist and activist Katelyn Ohashi as a creative advisor.

“Top athletes need new offerings that impact women,” says Ohashi. “Few things are more off-putting before an important event than worrying about a bulky towel or leaky tampon. Women deserve better and I’m excited to work with Sequel as the company ushers in a new era for personal products.


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