Sedona Photographer’s Image Adorns Cover of Professional Photographer Magazine

Courtesy Image of Professional Photographer Magazine

The cover image for Professional Photographer magazine for December was created by photographer Sedona Bob Coates of Bob Coates Photography. Coates experimented with photographing water droplets using multiple drops to create the shape. The droplets were frozen with super-fast flashes to freeze the shape. The color was created using a colored background and gels placed on the flash to improve saturation.

“When I photograph water droplets, I have to set aside a few days,” Coates said. “Even with the exact same droplet speed, flash duration, water consistency and dropper angle settings, no set of drops will be the same. It’s totally addicting!

Images for the cover of Professional Photographer magazine are chosen from the Imaging Excellence collection, which were chosen by the jurors of the PPA International Photography Competition, with the occasional exception of images from the World Photographic Cup or an Imaging USA speaker. .

“Bob Coates’ Orange Burst made an exceptional coverage choice for its rich, vibrant color and the unique balance of its composition from the moment of capture,” says Joan Sherwood, editor-in-chief of Professional Photographer. “It’s amazing how something as simple as drops of water in a bowl can reveal such vibrant beauty. “

Jane Gaboury, Director of Publications, added, “We love this image of Bob for our December cover. He not only demonstrates mastery of many photographic techniques, but is also artistically accomplished. It’s a prime example of what PPA’s Imaging Excellence collection stands for – the best of the best in professional photography today.

The cover was accompanied by the How-to and the creation of the image in a full page article. Professional Photographer is the professional magazine for professional photographers in America with over 30,000 members.

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