Rayonier Advanced Materials Achieves Nordic Swan Qualification – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (RYAM), a fluff pulp producer, has announced that it qualifies as an “Inspected Raw Material” by Nordic Swan Ecolabeling. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel establishes strict environmental requirements in all phases of manufacturing, including requirements for environmentally friendly chemicals used in ecolabeled products. The status will appear on products made with RYAM’s plush paste and will indicate to consumers and commercial buyers that the product is produced in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

“The Nordic Swan Ecolabel illustrates our commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing and is an important part of realizing RYAM’s BioFuture,” said Vito Consiglio, President and CEO of Rayonier Advanced Materials. “Increasingly, consumers expect the products they buy to be made from environmentally friendly materials. The eco-label will help consumers easily identify products made with our fluff pulp as green, sustainably produced and environmentally friendly.

Rayonier Advanced Materials is a producer of fluff pulp and various other cellulose-based materials, many of which serve as alternatives to petroleum-based products. RYAM’s operations create a market for sustainably sourced wood materials which, in turn, help support more than two million acres of working forests. These harvested forests play a vital role in contributing to air and water quality and providing critical habitat for wildlife. As a result, our product has cost advantages for consumers and commercial buyers.

“It means a lot to our customers, sales and marketing team that our fluff pulp has been awarded Nordic Ecolabeling ‘Inspected Raw Material’ status and is the culmination of over two years of effort,” said Joshua. Hicks, senior vice president, High Purity Cellulose, Rayonier Advanced Materials. “We are focused on achieving RYAM’s BioFuture and sustainability while reducing our impact on the environment, and we are proud to have received this outstanding recognition.”

In the United States, only a very small percentage of the plush pulp currently produced meets the Nordic Swan Ecolabel standard. Rayonier Advanced Materials has an annual capacity of 245,000 tons which are all eligible for Nordic Swan Inspected Raw Material status. The status will allow downstream consumers of RYAM’s down paste-containing absorbent hygiene products, such as adult incontinence, baby diapers and feminine hygiene products, to identify their products as in a sustainable way.

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