‘Rashmi Rocket’ star Taapsee Pannu is striking in this magazine cover


Taapsee Pannu is ready to try out the role of an athlete in her next movie Rashmi rocket. Before that she made the cover of the fashion magazine Grazia. The Pink the actor has been seen in a series of photos wearing a variety of looks.

For the cover, the Game over actor seen in a printed dress from Marks & Spencer. This was brought even closer with her knotted curls and accessorized with boots.

Muted undertones, in fact, formed the basis of all other looks. The actor has been seen in dresses and skirts, but all this time the colors she opted for were earth. She has a distinctive style anyway which is reflected in all the photos especially in the messy hairstyle.

Speaking to the magazine, she brought up a number of topics, primarily the need for discipline. “Seriously, training for this movie (Rashmi Rocket) taught me a lot about discipline and self-care. Discipline goes hand in hand with sport. You can’t be lazy, you can’t have a laid back attitude… that won’t work here. And you have to take care of your body, you have to be in tune with it and know when to rest and when to push the limits. You don’t want to underuse your strength, or push yourself too far. Neither option is healthy, ”she said.


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