Rabbit Rabbit – SRQist :: SRQ Magazine article by Arianna Boenker

Real estate agent Amanda Gilliland satisfies her creative passion with her pop-up store Rabbit Rabbit. Photograph by Wyatt Kostygan

According to superstition, using your first waking breath to say the words “rabbit rabbit” at the beginning of the month guarantees that the following weeks will be full of luck. Amanda Gilliland is a real estate agent by trade, but her creative passions led her to pursue various side projects with the help of her husband Zachary Gilliand. With a background in retail and design, including running her own wholesale jewelry business, opening a retail space that focuses on thoughtful design was a welcome challenge. “Rabbit Rabbit is about a well-designed life. We offer items that are beautiful to look at, easy to use, and crafted with a focus on creating a world that prioritizes kindness to people, animals, and the earth,” says Gilliland: “The idea behind monthly pop-ups is to have something new and exciting every time. This brings more event aspect. You walk into Target and it still looks like Target. Entering just one day a month and creating a new visual experience is a much more fun way to shop.


This project is really a fun looking one for me. Curating a collection of products is as special an art form as creating the products themselves. To help organize a cohesive collection, Gilliland chooses a monthly theme around which to focus their selections. “I’m really interested in third places. I would love to have a space geared around that,” says Gilliland. In the long term, Gilliland wants to transform the storefront into an event space, making Rabbit Rabbit a third place for the community. Customers could rely on the third space as a more casual environment than the office and more social than the home for relaxing in the company of others. This can take the form of a special event over drinks during business hours or turn the space into a place for a casual book club. Rabbit Rabbit aims to be more than just a store; it is an event to look forward to.

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