Playtex introduces Clean Comfort Tampons

Playtex offers a new tampon for women looking to make a more eco-friendly choice without sacrificing comfort and performance. Playtex Clean Comfort is the only tampon with a plastic tip with an eco-friendly cardboard plunger. When it comes to tampon use, 91% of women say insert comfort is a top priority and an important factor when choosing menstrual products. Yet many women are also interested in menstrual products that have a lighter ecological footprint.

Now, for those who prefer tampon applicators for reliability, comfort and convenience, Playtex Clean Comfort offers a no-compromise solution. It uses 40% less plastic, is made from 100% organic cotton, and is free of chlorine, fragrances, and dyes, as well as Playtex’s 360-degree leak protection technology. Using this hybrid product will eliminate 140 plastic plungers per person on average for the 34.1 million American women who use tampons each year, according to Playtex.

Limiting the use of plastic is the most effective way to avoid waste and reduce the impact of plastic production. Although there has been an increase in the use of plant-based plastics in the tampon industry, they do not change the end of life of single-use plastic products which results in landfill. Playtex Clean Comfort solves the problem by reducing the overall amount of plastic generated and possibly discarded.

“Plastic applicators are the most widely used type of tampon in the United States due to their comfort and reliability, but many women are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives that fit their more sustainable lifestyle,” says Anna Dietrich, Senior Brand Strategy Manager at Playtex. “Now Playtex has eliminated the need for compromise when it comes to tampons. Playtex Clean Comfort offers an eco-friendly tampon choice that makes it easy for women to make a significant difference by reducing single-use plastic waste without compromising on comfort.”

To further support the environment and help create real change, Playtex Clean Comfort, a product that is committed to “protecting periods with a positive impact”, has partnered with the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA), an organization global nonprofit that equips women leaders with the skills and tools they need to protect the environment and strengthen communities from within. Playtex’s support will enable more women to start environmental projects that create a healthy, safe and prosperous world for all.

Playtex Clean Comfort will be available nationwide at all major grocery, drug and general merchandise retail stores and on Amazon starting this month. The product will be available in packs of 30 (MSRP: $7.49) and 16 (MSRP: $4.59) in regular and super absorptions.

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