PinkPantheress and Willow sample Paramore on “Where you are”

PinkPantheress’ new single samples Paramore’s Never leave that To go.

Last week the to hell with that The artist has announced that his next release will be a collaboration with Willow Smith. Released today (April 22) Where are you features PinkPantheress and Willow sharing vocal duties, with production by Mura Masa and Skrillex. Paramore is also listed in the writing credits. The featured song is Never let it goextract from the first album of the American group in 2005 All we know is fall.

PinkPantheress previously said that Paramore and Hayley Williams inspired her to pursue music. In an interview with the BBC earlier this year she revealed that seeing the band perform at the Reading Festival in 2014 was a formative moment. “I was 15, right at the fence and Hayley Williams looked like she was having so much fun,” PinkPantheress said. “Then I realized she was being paid extra! I was like, ‘I want to do this.’ It changed my perspective.

In his Collections Vol. 3 cover interview PinkPantheress also referenced Paramore when talking about her own eclectic sound. ““The beat might be drum ‘n’ bass, but the writing style might be something you’d hear in a hyperpop song, or Paramore or Panic from the early 2000s! at the disco,” she said.

Where are you is the first new material from PinkPantheress since the release of her debut mixtape to hell with that. Check out the track below.

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