PFNonwovens appoints its Director of Sustainable Development – Nonwovens Industry Magazine


Tonny de Beer has been appointed Director of Sustainability at PFNonwovens. He will also continue to serve as the company’s director of product and technology. This appointment reflects PFN’s renewed and increased commitment to the core mission of the company.

“Over the past year, PFN has made significant progress towards the development of more sustainable non-woven fabrics, including 100% bio-based materials and the commercialization of materials with a very high level of recycled polymers,” said Cédric Ballay, CEO. ” In parallel. In terms of product innovation, we are gradually reducing our environmental footprint. It is important to note that our Znojmo site has fully converted to 100% renewable energy and was ISCC + certified earlier this year to deliver mass balanced materials to the market. This appointment is an important step in further advancing PFN’s sustainable development agenda.

Responding to this appointment, Tonny de Beer said, “I am honored and touched by the trust Cedric and the other members of the management team have placed in me and my team to lead this effort. As a leading member of the hygienic nonwovens industry, it is imperative that PFN develop technical nonwoven solutions that maintain the quality consumers rely on for hygiene and medical products, but of a high quality. fundamentally more sustainable way. At the same time, we need to make several changes to our infrastructure and work with our supply chain to become carbon neutral. “


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