Paul Hollywood will taste all kinds of Mexican cuisines in the new Channel 4 show

Paul Hollywood will sample all sorts of interesting and authentic Mexican dishes, from crocodile tacos to baked tarantulas, on his newly commissioned Channel 4 show.

Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico will see the famous baker travel across the country to learn about its culture, character and history through its cuisine.

The three-part series will take Hollywood from off-the-beaten-track capital Mexico City to Tijuana and Cancun, experiencing plenty of culinary surprises along the way.

The three-part series will take Hollywood from the capital city of Mexico City, off the beaten path to Tijuana and Cancun (PA)

In the first episode, Judge Bake Off will be led by a guide known as The Taco Hunter, as he explores the city to sample the simple yet delicious taco al pastor.

The trip also includes a visit to the Central Market of Abasto where he will sample a variety of unusual fruits and other local delicacies including grilled cockroaches, crocodile tacos and baked tarantulas.

Hollywood will also travel to the infamous US-Mexico border wall in Tijuana to take a food tour of restaurants in Sonora, Sinaloan, Jaliscan and Guadalajara.

He will then head to a cactus restaurant to see the prickly plant transformed into a delicious dish.

In Cancun, Hollywood is presented with a six-course banquet of ancient Mayan-inspired cuisine and spends a rowdy evening drinking beer in a cantina, while being educated in all things Tequila and Mezcal.

He’ll also complete a chilli-themed restaurant challenge before discovering the ultimate cure for a Mexican hangover.

The baker will also have the opportunity to show off his own impressive skills and he will join Mexico’s top chef Elena Reygadas for a lesson in how to make Concha, Mexico’s most popular Pan Dulce.

Hollywood also finds itself forced to judge a pasta contest in a small town with a very unexpected connection to Cornwall, and finds itself helping to bake a delightfully decorated four-tier Quinceanera cake for a fifteenth birthday party.

“Mexico is an amazing country, with amazing people and amazing food. The surprises never stopped coming,” Hollywood said.

“For example, I never thought I’d be judging a Cornish Pasty competition in a Mexican town square, backed by a mariachi band.

“Which, for the avoidance of doubt, I did.”

Ian Dunkley, Factual Entertainment Editor at Channel 4, said: “Paul Hollywood takes us beyond burritos, nachos and enchiladas to show us what Mexican food and drink is really about.

Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico will air on Channel 4 later in 2022.

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