Orchestral Tools Launches Mirror Sample Library

Orchestral Tools Launches Mirror Sample Library

Orchestral Tools has released their long-awaited Mirror Sample Collection which aims to spice up your production with a realistic range of strings, woodwinds, brass and choir samples. Made for use in fantasy-themed drama, TV shows, movies, and games, the Mirror Sample Collection features a rich collection of organic sounds.

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The Baroque includes instruments such as violins, violas, woodwinds, trumpets and horns. Alternatively, Miroire also includes a continuous bass section which can be used to sequence a bass line with a low end. The chorus section provides the perfect vocal texture to the music with a pure, natural tone and little vibrato. Surprisingly, the fast vocals ornamentation sounds sweet and distinctive for both male and female sections (normally rapid automation with sample players gives unnatural output). The library includes 3 string ensembles, 5 solo woodwinds and 4 brass, an early music chamber choir, a sound palette suited to the style and inspiring combinations.

Instruments and voices are recorded according to the most common framework of baroque music. All samples are recorded at A4 = 415 Hz and also have a lot of creative leeway. Orchestral Tools Miroire is currently available at an introductory price of € 299 which ends September 16 after the regular price is € 399.

Here is an opening score for a television program by composer David Kudell programmed with Miroire.

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Image credits: orchestral tools

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