Ontex Introduces Diaper Core Technology – Nonwoven Industry Magazine


Karen McIntyre, editor02.12.21

Ontex Group SA has developed a new diaper core technology, Climaflex, which provides comfort, protects baby’s skin and ensures absorption even under the most difficult conditions, with many baby movements. Climaflex technology was introduced in Small big change brand in six European countries and will be rolled out in all diaper brands of retailers.

“We are excited about our new technology, both technologically and commercially. We are the leading retail brand manufacturer that can ensure advanced absorption even under harsh conditions – on par with one of the key promises of Europe’s leading baby diaper brand A. For parents, the comfort of baby’s skin is a key purchasing factor as is preventing leaks when baby is moving., ” says Annick De Poorter, Executive Vice President Innovation and Sustainable Development, Ontex.

Diapers with Climaflex technology have a dual-layer core in which one diaper quickly attracts liquid and a second diaper retains it very quickly and securely even in the most difficult conditions, when the baby is moving a lot.

The Diaper Channel has been designed to treat the areas where fluid absorption and delivery is most needed, both for baby boys and baby girls. From the central pee points, the liquid can access quickly and is distributed through the branches of the channeled core which provides instant and lasting dryness.


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