Online shoppers at the Marc Jacobs sample sale

Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

James Gripper (picture above)
Front Desk Agent, Park Slope

Who are you here with?
Just solo. I want to acquire some Marc Jacobs objects for my mother, my sister and a close friend, and I try to surprise them. Also, I don’t want to torture them by making them wait.

Are the gifts for their birthdays?
It’s just a thank you for being special women in my life. I’m a gift basket type person, and they grow bigger and bigger the more I don’t see you.

How was the line?
It was a typical two and a half hour wait. I worked on a haiku — it’s part of my gift to my friend. Her name is Kayla, and I’m trying to come up with adjectives for each letter of her name. For K, I have kissable, benevolent, knowledgeable, kinetic, lively, guardian. For A, I have Aquarius, ambitious, angelic, authentic, all of it. For Y, young at heart, eager, young Yes It’s very hard to think of adjectives. I’m still working on the rest.

Amanda Ferdine

Housewife, Rego Park

Carmella Pardilov

Student, Midwood

Stacy Ann Anderson

Model, Harlem

Why are you here?

To sell to my friends. I get things for like $50, sell them for $150. I’m also a model, but resale is what’s bringing the food right now.

Baasil Khalil

Medical Student, Brighton Beach

Kana Ono

Student, Downtown Brooklyn

Alexandre Duran

Supervisor, Ridgewood

What is your typical style?

It’s under construction. Three months ago, I was living in Orlando. I wore skinny jeans every day, and when I got to New York I was like, “Oh, that’s not a thing.” So I bought very huge boots and pants. Today I found a small shoulder bag in which you can only put car keys. It’s outside my comfort zone.

Jordan Hill

Cook, Flatbush

How would you describe your style?

I came out more of my feminine side. If you remember Break, the cartoon there was a character named Spinelli – his character wore a red dress but still had a bomber jacket and combat boots. It’s basically my aesthetic.

Gabriel Guerrero

Clothing Dealer, Jersey City

Alexis Wolf

Student, Chelsea

Natalia Williams

Administrative Assistant, Cypress Hills

Kulsum Vohra

Housewife, Jackson Heights

When did you start going to sample sales?

My husband was working near a sample sale building, and one day he saw a big line and went to check it out. I sometimes go with him, but I prefer to go alone because he rushes me and I like to take my time.

Rachel Walton

Tour Guide, Riverdale

Ashe Leen

Camera Assistant, East Village

Brittany Polevikov

Researcher, Port Washington

Fights today?

It’s more passive-aggressive. If you try things, sometimes people come in and try to take them. You have to say “No, it’s mine, sorry.” But I took Xanax this morning in preparation, so I feel more zen.

Amanda Moshell

Head of Brand Partnerships, Union Square

Marquis Neal

Model, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Morgan Locke

Vintage Salesman and Filmmaker, Jersey City

fast trevor

Restaurateur, Soho

Do you feel inflation?

Absolutely. My landlord just sent me the new lease for my apartment and my rent has almost doubled. But in terms of actual physical prices, I think here we are already used to paying $12 for a glass of orange juice.

Photography by DeSean McClinton-Holland

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