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Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, ECLECTIC est. 2020, aims to show the world that Newcastle upon Tyne is a powerhouse of the world, while paying homage to the current state of straightforward and straightforward fashion that we see among the big fashion houses across the globe. It’s an ode to comfort and luxury, and a glimpse of what and what it can be.

Declan Fahey, Creative Director has called Newcastle his home since birth and believes luxury is where home is, and only when you feel at home will you find comfort. This is why ECLECTIC has perfectly encapsulated the fact that by making Newcastle its home, its comfort, and Newcastle has never been so luxurious!

The campaign is shot on one of the most memorable pieces of Brutalist architecture in Newcastle, Manors. Images of which were seen on the cover of Sam Fender’s Seventeen Going Under album.

Comprised of a single item, the house wanted to avoid distractions and focus attention on a single, simple but timeless t-shirt. Made from high quality luxury cotton, the t-shirt claims that fashion doesn’t mean discomfort. Featuring a classic ECLECTIC logo printed on the chest, it keeps the image close to the heart. Each item is made to order, so you can rest assured knowing your t-shirt will have a personal touch.

The need for sustainability in modern times is unfathomable, and fashion is the biggest culprit in the unrest. Therefore, ECLECTIC made the decision to market and produce its first collection through Everpress. Everpress puts sustainability and our environment at the heart of everything it does, without sacrificing quality or competence. Each item will be produced and distributed together at the end of the campaign, minimizing any resulting waste.

In addition to their timeless t-shirts, ECLECTIC is launching their first black phone case. The sturdy and high quality phone case is one of the best on the market. Sleek, elegant, timeless.

“For a very long time, Newcastle have been the underdog with the world that won’t blink. This collection for me blurs the lines and shows the world that we are here. There is a lot of talent and wit in it. Northeast, and I hope ECLECTIC can show it – said Declan Fahey, Creative Director.

The first collection will launch on December 16, 2021 at 12:00 GMT. Available for sale on


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