Nintendo fan theory of potential ad debunked by 2001 magazine article


A completely wild Nintendo fan theory surfaced and assumed that Nintendo was going to announce something today.

Although he recently hosted a Nintendo Direct, one Reddit user Enryx25 pulled out his whiteboard and came to the conclusion that Nintendo needed to announce something today. Yesterday Nintendo was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Game Boy Advance handheld console, but Enryx25 took a closer look at promotional art. They noticed that the on-screen game is Super Mario Advance and is played in World 1-1 with an absurdly high life count of 96 and a score of 1,222,360.

For the most part, these details would often be overlooked, but Enryx25 found that by rearranging the score you can get the date of 6/23/2021. They also noted Mario’s odd number of lives, which when combined with the date points to 6/23/96, the Nintendo 64 release date in Japan. These dates and “hidden clues” are certainly interesting.

However, one user pointed out that the screenshot of the official tweet actually appeared in an issue of Game Boy Xtreme Magazine. It was a British magazine published from 2001 to 2002, and the particular article on Super Mario Advance appears to have been published in 2001 towards the game’s release the same year. So really, it looks like Nintendo has this particular asset lying around in their archives and used it for modern marketing.

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Despite the debunking that Nintendo slyly teased an ad through sheet music and confused lives through promotional material, it’s still interesting that the dates line up. But alas, everything seems fortuitous.

As of yet, Nintendo doesn’t seem to indicate that they intend to reveal anything. But the speculation is understandable as the company announced a new game and watch for The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, and last year it did the same for Super Mario Bros.

It is currently rumored that Nintendo is planning to reveal a new Nintendo Switch Pro and will reveal it around E3 2021, but nothing has come of it. Nintendo chairman Doug Bowser recently avoided commenting on the rumors and instead spoke about the company being dedicated to “watching the technology.”

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