Neenah Filtration will present media at FiltXPO

Neenah Filtration will be exhibiting its FiltXPO 2022 media offerings. Product lines include NeenahPure air filter media for HVAC and air purification’ Craneglass for evaporative cooling applications, Gessner for industrial air solutions and liquid; Gessner for automotive and transportation filtration and Cranemat for membrane molding substrates.

In August 2021, Neenah Filtration launched a new filter media that incorporates its patented asymmetric saturation technology and combines the benefits of hardening and non-hardening resins into one media for filter manufacturers. Duplex media offers different features that unlock benefits for its products and converters in a whole new way.

When processing filter media in the automotive sector, it is important to ensure a certain rigidity of the material for optimal and fast processing. At the same time, the material must be designed in such a way that the crease lines and depressions created during the pleating process are reliable without damaging the substrate. Its saturation technique gives Neenah Filtration the ability to provide this robustness without compromising the pleating ability of the media.

Another key function of this “asymmetric saturation” or ability to combine different resin systems on one carrier is that it allows him to customize his carrier to meet individual customer needs.

Separately, last month, parent company Neenah, Inc. announced a €25 million investment in new meltblowing capacity at its German filtration plant.

Neenah is committed to accelerating the growth of the life sciences and industrial filtration markets. Its portfolio of meltblown products promotes superior filtration efficiency and reduced energy consumption, which its customers appreciate. Neenah’s NeenahPure electrostatically charged media solutions support HVAC, air pollution control, and air purification systems, delivering peak efficiencies >99.9%.

“Clean air and water are essential for our communities and our environment. Meltblown technology effectively removes harmful particles from the air we breathe and the water we drink. This new Meltblown line intensifies our innovation efforts and allows us to continue to grow with our customers. says President and CEO Julie Schertell.

While this investment provides an opportunity for new growth, it also meets the needs of its existing customers. The new meltblown line is expected to go live in mid-2024.

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