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Microsoft 365 Developer Program gets sample Sandbox and Teams data pack

Microsoft’s ongoing Ignite 2021 tech conference saw two major additions to the Microsoft 365 Developer program: an instant sandbox that can be preconfigured with new sample data packs for Teams and other meeting / collaboration software.

The three-year-old Microsoft 365 Developer Program includes a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription that developers can now use to build their own sandboxes and develop solutions independent of any production environment. “You can build Microsoft Teams apps, Office add-ins for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, or SharePoint add-ins, using Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Framework, Power Apps, and so on. », Indicates the site.

The new feature addresses three major return points that the development team heard about early on, indicating that the developers wanted:

  • Their own sandbox using our standard Microsoft 365 subscriptions
  • The power to become their own administrators
  • Sample data packs with sample user, email, and calendar data so they don’t have to waste time creating them themselves

The comments also indicated that while it was easy to get a developer subscription quickly, there was too much work before coders could actually get started, well, coding.

The Microsoft Teams Developer Portal
[Click on image for larger view.] The Microsoft Teams Developer Portal (source: Microsoft).

The developers explained the steps and number of days it takes to prepare their development environment, the effort and wait for their apps to be provisioned, to create sample data, and then to configure sideloading in Teams to prototype. applications, ”said Michael Aldridge of Microsoft. , Senior Program Director, in a blog on November 2 Publish. “They told us ‘Stop making me understand all this! ‘”

He said the ongoing “instant sandbox” rollout is cutting setup times from days to seconds, as well as helping the expansion of the new Teams sample data pack.

“The Instant Sandbox is a new way to achieve a complete Microsoft 365 development environment,” said Aldridge. “Instead of forcing you to provision all your Microsoft 365 apps and install your data packs one at a time, we’ve now bundled them into a preloaded Microsoft 365 E5 subscription with 25 users and 16 sample users.

“Each instant sandbox is prefabricated in advance so you can dive in and start learning and building instantly. We take it off the shelf and put it back to you ready to use. be your own administrator and prototype applications and solutions with minimal configuration. ”

Examples of data packs
[Click on image for larger view.] Examples of data packs (source: Microsoft).

The new Teams sample data pack joins existing ones (see graphic above) to Microsoft Graph user, email, and calendar data and SharePoint Framework sample data, providing this custom development environment:

  • Loading the preconfigured Teams app
  • Five sample teams, channels, tabs and chat sessions around 16 sample users
  • Preinstalled and pinned Teams Developer Portal to help coders streamline the creation of a Teams app manifesto and app package, as well as the Map Editor and React controls library

To try out the new goodies, developers must join the program so that later this month they can access the new functionality by creating their own second Microsoft 365 E5 Instant Sandbox subscription.

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