Meghan Markle under ‘tremendous pressure’ after Kate solo magazine cover, columnist says

Meghan Markle is under ‘tremendous pressure’ to make her streaming deals a success after Kate Middleton appeared alone on the front page of a major US magazine, according to a royal writer.

The Duchess of Cambridge becoming the front page of People magazine will be disconcerting for Meghan, because according to expert Daniela Elser, it proves she hasn’t stolen America’s heart.

Meanwhile, Meghan has struggled to go wild with fanfare across the pond, with a poll finding that 31% of Americans have no sympathy for the Sussexes, as does the lack of support for her political campaign.

write for Elser says Kate beat Meghan to solo magazine cover status without even leaving the UK, increasing the pressure for her media deals to explode.

Meghan Markle has yet to appear solo on a glossy US magazine cover since leaving Britain

It’s the fourth time People have used Kate to sell copies in the past year and her second without Prince William, but there has still been no solo appearance for Meghan.

Ms Elser wrote: ‘Having spent the last two months trying to push for paid parental leave, there doesn’t appear to be anything even remotely resembling an outpouring of support behind the Duchess.’

However, the famous magazine cover in which Meghan starred with Prince Harry was mocked by the royal columnist.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry has been with Meghan in every magazine shoot

Ms Elser continued: “Their excruciatingly grumpy coverage of Time and their deceptively royal tour of New York seem to have failed to truly establish the duo as the power players they seem awfully hungry to be (although the magazine’s release spawned a slice of less than flattering memes).”

To further rival the Sussexes’ presence in the US, the Duke of Cambridge’s Earthshot Prize will be held there next year, which could also mean a royal tour will follow.

According to Vanity Fair, a source close to the couple said: “The Cambridge team is very focused on America and making sure they have high visibility there. The possibility of them making a high profile visit level is quite feasible for next year.”

Harry and Meghan
The couple appeared together for an explosive interview earlier this year

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The prospect of William and Kate touring America following multiple glossy magazine cover appearances won’t thrill Meghan too much, Ms Elser claims.

She added: “The pressure on the couple’s Netflix and Spotify offerings, when the world can finally see and hear them, will be immense – but given their fragile public reputations, will their famous names translate to the huge numbers of streaming that many might have once assumed?

“(So far, they’ve announced they’re making a children’s cartoon and a documentary about Harry’s Invictus Games, two projects that stand out only for their lack of creative verve.)”

The Daily Star has approached representatives for Meghan Markle for comment.

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