Lunette presents intimate wipes – nonwoven industry magazine

Telescope, a global menstrual care company, has launched two new intimate care products to join its popular menstrual cup: the Lunette Intimate Cleanser and Lunette Intimate Wipes.

Like its original menstrual cup, both products are made with Nordic herbal ingredients that are gentle on the skin and gentle on the most sensitive areas. Lunette Soap Free Intimate Cleanser hydrates by combining its clinically proven formula and Nordic Botanical Oil that helps prevent vaginal dryness. Lunette Intimate Wipes are 100% biodegradable / compostable wet wipes, perfect not only for the intimate area, but for the whole body, and contain allantoin and lingonberry extract.

Lunette, founded in 2005 by Heli Kurjanen, created revolutionary menstrual care over 15 years ago with its original and special Finnish-designed menstrual cups, available in over 50 countries through their retail network. Now, with the addition of the intimate cleanser and intimate wipes, the female-led brand and its founder is making a name for itself as a holistic and innovative intimate care solution for millions of women while making intimate care accessible and accessible. inclusive.

“We have earned our place as the world’s leading menstrual company through our continued focus on quality, safety and durability, and the Glasses Intimate Cleanser and Intimate Wipes embody just that,” says Kurjanen, CEO. “Our goal with Lunette’s expansion into holistic herbal intimate care is to serve women by making them comfortable and confident with sensitive areas that deserve more love and care. “

“I firmly believe in the desirability of this complete new line of safe and natural products from the Lunette brands, which provides intimate care in multiple ways for all women,” said Mikael Svensson, US Managing Director of Lune North America.

All of Lunette’s products are made in its home country, Finland.

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