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Susan Shelley in her Feb. 14 opinion piece “Trump wasn’t entirely wrong about the election,” Time magazine quotes “a well-funded cabal of powerful people … [were] working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information ”ahead of the 2020 elections.

She intentionally leaves out two things: one is the first part of the sentence, which is why this is how a conspiracy theorist would view these actions.

The second is that the “cabal” was in fact made up of people from both parties.

Shelley’s complete misrepresentation of the time piece prompted reader Sherry Brewer to respond on February 17 in Letters, defending the election.

The goal of these people was for everyone to vote and for all votes to be counted. In addition, they wanted to ensure that the public was well informed about every step of the electoral process. Why?

And why did people from both sides participate? Because if America loses confidence in its elections, whoever wins, this time and in the future, we would not believe in a victory and democracy would collapse.

– Maggie Ellis, Sierra Madre

Too much praise too soon for new President Biden

Re “Biden Erases ‘Old Guy’ Legacy” (Feb 21):

After reading this “article” written by two people from The Associated Press, I wondered if I was reading about the Second Coming of Christ.

This article praised Biden for his astonishing number of executive orders, which are said to have saved Western civilization. In addition, it is commended for the renewal of its diplomatic relations with questionable foreign organizations and nations.

The article then criticized President Trump and explained how Biden will save us from his actions as president.

He failed to mention how he destroyed our national oil production by stopping work on the pipeline and the resulting direct and indirect loss of US jobs.

He failed to mention the potential consequences of admitting undocumented migrants to this country as well as the health and economic consequences. There were other so-called accomplishments that are too stupid to mention here.

This article is beyond being biased. It’s a fantasy.

– Kenneth M. Bezich, San Pedro


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