Letter to the Editor: Magazine article draws people to Westby for Bertha Johnson’s rommegrot | Opinion

We would like to thank Heidi Overson, Our Wisconsin Magazine and the Westby Syttende Mai Committee for a special celebration on May 14th and 15th!

Heidi took the time to write an article about our mom, Bertha Johnson. Our Wisconsin printed it and shared our Rommegrot Queen with its readers in its April/May edition. And the Syttende Mai committee helped publicize this fundraiser. Bertha has been preparing this special recipe to share with festival-goers for nearly 30 years now. Many people don’t realize that this is a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the Syttende Mai committee.

Thanks to this article, many new people have tried rommegrot for the first time! Most of them were able to listen to Bertha tell them how to garnish their cup. Whether you like it with brown sugar and cinnamon like she does, or add white sugar, plenty of laughs were shared and rommegrot enjoyed. A woman came over with a copy of the item and said she just had to try it! A young couple from Arcadia said the same thing. After enjoying their cups; they brought home a gallon to share. Before leaving, they posed for a photo with our Queen Rommegrot.

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Thank you to all and to the participants of the festival!

Sue Slickers, Lafayette, Indiana and the rest of Bertha’s family

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