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Jeff Mills curated and published The Escape Velocity, a free electronic music magazine.

This new project is released through its own Axis Records imprint, and is free to access through the Axis Records website.

The magazine will be released every three months and the main magazine will be supplemented with additional issues.

Intended to be an interdisciplinary digital magazine, interactive videos and images will be included in the pages of the magazine.

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In a sent press release, Jeff Mills said, “Since the form of electronic music we recognize today began in the mid-1980s, I personally believe that as an industry that specializes in this area, there is still has too little attention. to the art of creation. Escape Velocity, as a magazine, will delve into the musical creation of several different artists.

He develops: “As an industry which is not always as diplomatic and fair to certain artists as it should be, there has always been room for more conversations about creativity, more exchanges. ideas and on the subject of expanding electronic music to borders further. than our imagination.

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The first issue, available now, features a cover designed by legendary Detroit artist Haqq who shaped the image of Detroit techno with his futuristic illustrations. There are also interviews with Tadeo, Mike Storm and Terence Dixon, and much more.

It is part of The Escape Velocity series of releases which have been running since October 2020. These include releases from artists like Mike Storm and Johannes Volk, and “its concept is designed to present a unique style of techno music that is mainly inspired by space science, futurism and science fiction. ‘

Take a look at the full issue here.

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