Jay Z Deletes Sample For DVSN ‘If I Get Caught’, Fans Call It Toxic

DVSN, pronounced “division” is a Canadian R&B duo, consisting of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85. The duo are signed to fellow Canadian rapper Drake through his label OVO Sound. On Friday, DVSN dropped a new track featuring a snippet of Jay Z’s “Song Cry” courtesy of Jermaine Dupri titled “If I Get Caught” and social media aren’t sure what to think!

The biggest comment on the city boys’ new summer jam is that it’s toxic! The lyrics according to DVSN are meant to be more honest than toxic, but nonetheless, they definitely sparked the conversation. Many couldn’t believe that Jay Z deleted the sample after hearing the lyrics.

Jermaine Dupri, also known as JD, was the catalyst for the Canadian duo to get Jay Z’s “Song Cry” sample. JD shares a text conversation between himself and “Hov” on his Instagram page, in which Jay Z writes that he didn’t think there could be a song more toxic than “Song Cry” itself! To which JD replies: “Is that a yes! Lol” Jay Z responds by saying, “I just want a warning that says, I said, this song is fake! Hahaha And you are good.

While some Twitter users think the song is toxic, some think it’s just plain bad. They don’t believe this is DVSN’s best work and expect more. Others still agree the song is toxic, but they love it!

Jermaine Dupri commented on the critics’ response with this tweet.

Here are some tweets from Twitter users:

The official DVSN video for “If I Get Caught” is out now. Let us know if you also think it’s “toxic” in the comments!

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