International Fibers Group Announces Price Increases – Nonwoven Industry Magazine


International Fiber Group (IFG) has announced that its base fiber prices will increase from January 2022.

The industry has faced numerous price increases in recent months for a wide variety of products and services. As the end of 2021 approaches, IFG is once again warned against multiple price adjustments by its suppliers and for various reasons.

These price increases are a consequence of the persistent global instability caused by Covid-19. The impact of this development has been felt on IFG’s main suppliers, from polymers and additives to logistics and energy. These shortages and increased costs in the supply chain are not only present in our industry, but are challenging businesses around the world.

In 2022, industry base contract prices for polymers and additives will increase significantly following the substantial increases in energy costs seen in recent weeks. As a result, IFG’s base fiber prices will increase to partially accommodate these rising costs.

This is completely inevitable, and the company is simply unable to absorb the full impact and maintain its high standards of product quality, flexible service and continuous innovation in the market.

To give its customers the best possible confidence in sourcing in these times of continuing turbulence, IFG is committed to delivering the highest quality products using secure and contractual volumes of first-class raw materials, providing its customers and supply chain peace of mind.

IFG also remains committed to using green energy for the majority of its manufacturing. This is in addition to IFG’s growing line of organic and sustainable fiber alternatives launched this year, as part of its strategy to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.


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