Indorama Ventures Hygiene Division announces price increases – nonwoven industry magazine


The Hygiene division of Indorama Ventures Public Limited Company (IVL), a global sustainable chemicals company, announced price increases on all polypropylene, polyester, recycled polyester, polylactic acid (PLA) and two-component fibers effective December 1, 2021, or to the extent that contracts permit. These fibers are used in a variety of different hygienic and technical applications around the world. Prices will increase by up to 15%, depending on the specific fiber quality.

Shachar Rachim, CEO of the Hygiene Division, said: “Due to unprecedented increases in energy, wages, domestic and international transportation costs, as well as finishes, additives and all packaging materials, we believe it is necessary to take this pricing action. These price increases will take place regardless of any change in resin cost.

“We recognize that these increases are taking place during an unusually high period of feedstock prices, but we must take this step in order to support the staffing of our operations and the continued delivery of our high quality fibers,” says Tom Zaiser, Director of Marketing. “We will monitor the dynamic global inflationary issues necessitating these increases on a quarterly basis and adjust as much as possible if these pressures ease.”


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