Grus and Semed Unveil ‘Wraiths’ Abstract Sample Pack

Grus and Semed Unveil ‘Wraiths’ Abstract Sample Pack

Wraiths, by Grus and Sown, is a sample pack exploring the possibilities of lossy compression and granular synthesis.

Grus and Sown is the creation of the sound designer and composer Dalton Newman. Grus and Sown’s sounds reference the sonic plane of his own work, which primarily explores experimental ambient textures. While influences from genres such as hyperpop, synthwave, alternative pop, and lofi (to name a few) are incorporated into his work, the studio’s sound remains singular and genderless.

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The constellation Grus is that of a crane with outstretched wings, a symbol of elegance, harmony and grace. Grus simply reflects the company’s slogan: ‘Consciously elegant sound design‘. “Sowing” represents the action of planting, of sowing seeds.

Having recognized that as a songwriter one has the ability to create something very visceral and personal, Dalton seeks to provide the very building blocks from which a song will grow. Grus and Sown provides a seedling that has already been sown, a seedling of harmony and love that can now continue to grow into something truly beautiful in the hands of another.

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Image credits: Larendra Nayakrit

This first sample pack from Grus and Sown is a great tool to have in your arsenal and to make your production stand out. It’s an extremely versatile pack to have and definitely something every grower hopes for.

The sound of the sample pack was heavily influenced and shaped by experimenting with a variety of granular and lossy compression processes. Wraiths’ sounds came from a mix of analog gear and software over several extensive sessions. Finally, after countless stages of intensive processing, these sounds were taken beyond recognition of their origin and shaped into something that stood out from the rest.

Producers will receive 78 drum samples, 24 textural loops, 53 textural one-shots, and over 20 tonal one-shots; in total more than 170 samples. That’s more than enough to create a unique, acoustically abstract song with just one sample pack. The equipment they used comes from a wide range of brands such as Soma, Herbs and Stones, and Folkek Laboratories. Alone they all sound amazing, but it’s when they come together that they truly create something amazing.

All in all, producers can be sure to achieve amazing results with this sample pack, using it to supplement their existing production or to create an entire song using just the sounds of Wraiths. It’s a really good start for Grus and Seme. Now available online and at the price of $12.

They also have another sample pack coming this year, some Max for Live devices are coming soon, and a sample library is also coming next year. Considering the quality of Wraiths, Grus & Sown is definitely a brand to watch in the future.

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Product cover art credits: Dalton Newman of Grus and Sown

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