Gen 2 Carbon Introduces Lightweight Recycled Carbon Mat – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Gen 2 Carbon, formerly ELG Carbon Fibre, will showcase an extremely lightweight 60gsm recycled carbon fiber nonwoven fabric at JEC World 2022, May 3-5 in Paris, France. This is the carbon fiber recycler’s first appearance at the composites show after a management buyout in May 2021.

Part of the G-TEX product range, the new 60gsm mats have been developed in response to customer requests for materials that combine the flexibility of carded textiles with a lower fiber surface weight typically associated with wet products. The company says this offering will strongly appeal to customers across multiple market segments, due to the products’ excellent drapability, superior surface finish, and consistent, low fiber area weight.

G-TEX 60 gsm mats can be treated with any resin system, used either as dry fabrics in liquid molding processes or as prepregs for autoclave and press molding. Frazer Barnes, CTO at Gen 2 Carbon adds, “Customers have been asking for low fiber airweight products for some time to meet specific needs. Our engineering team has responded with the development of this next generation carbon fiber technology, providing an effective solution for customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and wind energy industries.

A selection of outstanding automotive, aerospace and marine components made with Gen 2 Carbon nonwoven technologies will also be showcased at JEC World.

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