Freudenberg Performance Materials Develops Geogrid Composite – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Freudenberg Performance Materials, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high performance geosynthetics for the civil engineering market, introduces a new geogrid composite. Intended to increase the efficiency of construction projects, the product consists of a reinforcement grid bonded to a non-woven geotextile for separation and filtration. Customers can get the new EnkaGrid MAX C geocomposite now. It is part of the Enka Solutions range for civil engineering applications.

Where weak foundation soils are present, most infrastructure projects such as the construction of traffic areas require the installation of two products: a geogrid to reinforce the granular layers of the foundation and a non-woven geotextile for the filtration and separation. “This means that the same work has to be done twice to buy two products, bring them to site, manage the stock and lay the geogrid and the nonwoven geotextile,” says Tamás Szatmári, application management manager. “By providing all three required functions in a single product, EnkaGrid MAX C significantly reduces complexity and costs for every stakeholder involved. Installation, for example, can be done up to twice as fast.

EnkaGrid MAX C consists of a biaxial geogrid bonded at intervals to a needlepunched nonwoven geotextile. The bonding method chosen guarantees optimal interlocking of the granular soils with the geogrid.

EnkaGrid MAX C can be ordered in tensile strengths ranging from 20 to 80 kN/m. It is supplied in rolls with a width of five meters. “The geogrid composite comes with extensive support from our team of experienced application managers. They support engineers and customers from feasibility study to design and execution,” concludes Szatmári.

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