Finding your place – SRQIST :: SRQ Magazine article by Dylan Campbell

Marisa Mangani puts her own stamp on commercial kitchen design.

Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

For Marisa Mangani, everything has its place. That’s one of the main reasons she started Mise En Place Design, LLC last May, a foodservice design and consulting firm specializing in commercial kitchen designs for everything from restaurants to country clubs and even in hospitals.

“Mise En Place is a French term loosely translated as ‘a place for everything’. It’s used in professional kitchens to describe your set-up – for example, if you’re a sauté cook, in order to be most efficient and not run out of anything, you need to make sure your set-up is ready. said Mangani. “The same principle applies to kitchen design: everything should be in its place.

Mangani would know. A former award-winning executive chef, her career spanned from her childhood home of Maui to New Orleans, Australia, Vancouver and Florida, including stops at three World’s Fairs. After stepping away from the kitchen in 1994, Mangani brings her 28 years of consulting experience to Mise En Place Design. The design process begins with the client learning about the project, whether it’s a country club remodel or a new restaurant, which she shares. “I call it a therapy session. Then we work with the architect to massage the space, making sure we have the right size and type of space to create the best overall workflow in the kitchen,” says Mangani. “Essentially, tracking food from receiving, through storage, through preparation, production, and distribution to dishwashing.”

Once the fit-up is approved by the client, Mangani prepares everything from budgets to mechanical schedules so architects and engineers can work their magic. Among his regular clients are the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables and the Bird Key Yacht Club here in Sarasota. Although going it alone after 28 years of experience may seem daunting to many, it was a decision that came naturally to Mangani. “It was actually very easy, to my surprise. I was lucky to have a group of loyal clients, including many architects, who allowed me to launch Mise En Place,” testifies Mangani. “All I had to do was get myself an office, bring my editors and all my legal stuff, and I was good to go. It was obviously something the universe wanted me to do.” .

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