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Dyper diapers has expanded its retail availability to Thriving market, the premier online marketplace for members that offers the highest quality, convenience and value. The partnership marks another milestone in Dyper’s mission to make sustainable, plant-based diapers accessible to every family, introducing the innovative product to the more than one million members of Thrive Market.

“Dyper envisions a world where no diapers end up in landfills and where durable diapers are available to every family,” said Sergio Radovcic, CEO of Dyper. “Introducing Dyper to the over 1 million Thrive Market members is a key step in achieving this goal. Dyper believes in transparency, integrity and respect – values ​​that align with Thrive Market’s mission.

“Thrive Market’s mission goes beyond making healthy living easy and affordable; we make sure that every brand and / or item leaves our planet in better shape than when we found it, ”says Nika Levinson, Category Manager for Thrive Market. ” We are doing it. ensuring that agricultural practices, ingredients and packaging all meet our high standards. Dyper is no exception; Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, and oxo-degradable packaging is a differentiator within this category. The Redyper service is what makes this brand a home and is sure to change the way our members see how they can reduce their waste. “

Dyper exists to be the world’s best responsible diaper choice. The planet doesn’t need another diaper that’s not eco-friendly: the average child uses 3,700 diapers, resulting in 27 billion diapers in landfills each year in the United States alone – where they stay until at 500 years. Dyper is free from chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT and phthalates. Premium diapers are unprinted, unscented, soft to the touch, yet extremely durable and absorbent. They are made with responsibly sourced bamboo viscose fibers and packaged in sustainable packaging.

Dyper also offers an eco-responsible disposal system via the Redyper service. The Redyper service is the closest-to-zero, guilt-free diaper change journey currently available. Thanks to this optional service, soiled diapers are processed centrally and composted in a compliant manner. The program diverted more than 10 million pounds of dirty diapers from landfills, increasing by 30,000 pounds each week. Redyper is available as a mail-out service or with local curbside pickup in 10 cities across the country, expanding to an additional 50 U.S. cities in 2022.

Thrive Market joins other Dyper retailers including Amazon, Babylist, Grove Collaborative, and Hive Brands.


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