Cryobox Covid-19 Tube Rack Sample Management

Ziath reports on the widespread adoption of its DataPaq™ Cube rack reader in Covid-19 testing labs for tracking sample tubes cryogenically stored in cryoboxes. Tracking large numbers of Covid-19 RNA extraction samples can be an onerous task. Many labs around the world use 2mL screw cap tubes with 2D barcodes on the base for this work, including labs equipped through the successful UN/IAEA supply program.

Screw cap tubes with 2D barcodes are widely available from many different manufacturers and are supplied in cryoboxes that can hold eighty-one 2ml tubes or up to 100 smaller tubes in a 13 square format. x 13cm. Optimized performance for this rack size – the DataPaq™ Cube has pre-loaded sample management templates that can be selected for 81, 100, 121 or 196 tube cryobox formats provided by various manufacturers.

Reading a cryobox full of 100 tubes of Covid-19 samples only takes a second

Special pre-cut “masks” allow the DataPaq™ Cube to securely hold cryoboxes of different formats and from different suppliers, as these can sometimes differ slightly in their external dimensions. Reading a full cryobox of 100 Covid-19 sample tubes and decoding their barcodes takes just one second for the full rack using Ziath’s latest AI-powered DP5 software. The resulting Covid-19 sample tube barcodes are displayed in tabular form with a helpful image showing the successfully decoded tubes. This important data can be exported in .csv, .png, .txt, .xls, .pdf or Python format to any connected LIMS or inventory management system such as Ziath’s Samples software.

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