Cozy Staycations – Wanderlust :: Article from SRQ magazine by Olivia Liang

Three stays under the radar allow you to roam in a state of satisfaction and relaxation when you need to get away from it all

Not all who wander are lost. True, but recently trying to wander has been a bit disorienting, to say the least. And although we live in a prime vacation destination, another day at the crowded beach with tourists or an evening in the crowded city was not enough for a dream getaway. Instead, people have risen to the challenge and taken “stays” to a whole new level, investing in 20, 30 or 60 minute car trips to experience that missed feeling of seeing home in the rearview mirror.

The Londoner

For all Anglophiles, sipping tea as you settle into a new British drama on Netflix, historic downtown Bradenton could be the key to your heart with The Londoner Bed & Breakfast & Tearooms. Visit Bradenton like a tourist while feeling like a true Briton in this renovated historic house, built in 1906, where you can sip a cup of flowery tea while savoring every bite of a scone (served with sour cream and jam). When you sleep in the Kensington, Victoria or Westminster rooms, you’ll never know home is less than an hour’s drive away. The Londoner Bed and Breakfast, 304 15th St. W, Bradenton, 941-741-4981,

Palmetto riverside

Forget the “air” in Airbnb and instead remember the days of historic homes with creaky floors, comfy duvets, and secluded views. At the Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast, located in historic downtown Palmetto, Old Florida has never felt so good with appetizers and a river breeze, vintage furniture and an outdoor chandelier on the patio Not to mention a private limited edition champagne label, “La Diva.” You will be greeted by Wim and Mieke Lippens, your Belgian innkeepers, and will feel like you are really away from the hubbub of the house. Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast, 1102 Riverside Dr., Palmetto, 941-981-5331,

Little house nap

Have you ever seen these model homes on wheels on their way to a mysterious destination? It’s not like that. Tiny House Siesta offers rentals for locals and tourists alike who want something a little different. Lined up in a colorful row on Avenue A, Tiny House Siesta rentals are the perfect place to stay for anyone you want to get away from or get away from. The bright blue Aqua Oasis home sleeps up to six and has stairs that double as cupboards and a barn door leading to the rain shower. Or try the neon yellow Margarita, complete with an outdoor patio, Welcome to Paradise pillows, parrot murals and tropical themed linens. Located just across the South Bridge – just steps from Siesta Key Beach – your Tiny House Siesta rental will offer sun and surf in a whole new light, reminding you why Sarasota truly is such a premier vacation destination. Tiny House Siesta, 6600 Ave. A, Sarasota, 941-474-3782,, @tinyhousesiesta


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