‘Co-parents from hell’: Mara Berke’s Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine article offers much-needed support

LA family law attorney Mara Berke often represents conflicting co-parents who need help making parenting decisions with the other parent before, during and after divorce proceedings. Ms. Berke’s recent article with Ria Severance, a licensed family therapist in marriage, in the latest edition of Lawyer in Los Angeles offers significant support to co-parents in difficulty. The authors explain important parental communication tips to protect children from stress, offer insight into how parents can most effectively prioritize their children’s needs, all despite conflict and power struggles with their co-parent.

Intervention and support for families are essential from the start of the divorce process. “My goal is to help families and their children navigate the divorce process and provide them with resources early on to help them,” said Ms. Berke, who brings unique family law experience with her dual degrees, a JD from Loyola Law School, and a Masters in Social Work with a focus on families and children from USC.

Family law attorneys are often the first responders in divorce cases, and co-parenting issues need to be resolved quickly for the benefit of the family. Working immediately with experienced co-parenting therapists is helpful when there is an unresolved conflict. Ms. Berke explains, “Divorces involving children are often complicated and usually require careful and strategic consideration. Professional collaboration with experienced and knowledgeable clinicians, such as Ria Severance, and attorneys who understand the dynamics of divorce is essential for clients.

The article provides often-overlooked advice that parents and their attorneys can follow when a co-parenting conflict is toxic in an effort not to stunt their children’s development and to help quickly in order to help prevent problems, and this help can last long after the divorce. The item is the Closing Argument column in Lawyer in Los AngelesMarch 2022 edition, page 30. Ms. Berke sits on the magazine‘s editorial board.

To read the article, visit https://lalawyer.advanced-pub.com/?issueID=34&pageID=32.

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