Bast Fiber Technologies acquires German textile processing plant – nonwoven industry magazine


Bast fiber technologies (BFT), a manufacturer of specialty natural fibers for the global nonwoven industry, announces the acquisition of Faser Veredlung Tönisvorst (FVT), an ISO 9001 certified textile processing plant located in Tönisvorst, Germany. This purchase allows BFT to immediately increase its capacity to meet customer demand for its sustainable bast fibers and provides a solid platform for continued expansion and growth.

With over 20 years of experience in fiber processing, FVT is located close to major European centers for the cultivation of bast plants and the construction of non-woven fabrics. This transaction follows BFT’s strategy of establishing regional low-carbon supply chains by sourcing, producing and selling in specific regions. The facility is currently being expanded with the installation of specialized refining equipment specially designed to optimize natural bast fibers for use in a variety of nonwoven applications.

“We are delighted that FVT is part of our company,” said Jim Posa, President of BFT. “FVT has a long history of working with natural fibers and this acquisition has accelerated our transition to a fully integrated manufacturing business. FVT has always produced the highest quality bast fibers for BFT, so it made sense to bring this capability in-house. Europe is leading the way in single-use plastic reduction strategies and the ability to produce these fibers in Europe will become increasingly important for the production of truly sustainable nonwovens in wipes, hygiene products and more. Again.

The Tönisvorst operation is positioned at the heart of the EU’s non-woven belt in a historic textile complex established over 140 years ago. With a rich history of textile processing, this campus has been renovated and modernized in recent years and now hosts a mix of manufacturing and service industries. Over the next few months, the facility will be modernized to optimize the production of cost-effective, high-performance natural bast fibers for customers looking to accelerate their sustainability goals with BFT’s tree-less and plastic-free alternatives. The facility is also ideally equipped for rapid prototyping and product development of new fiber modifications to develop natural fiber solutions that meet specific customer requirements.

“We are very pleased to join the BFT team of companies,” announces Managing Director and former owner Thomas Krah. “At the heart of our two activities are the common values ​​of environmental protection and quality. We are strong supporters of natural hemp and flax fibers and we appreciate the opportunity to strengthen these offerings. BFT is an industry leader in the production of these fibers for the premium nonwovens market and we look forward to playing an important role in the growing transition of the plastic fiber industry.


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