Anyone can take a grain sample

During the harvest season, grain samples should be taken from the dryer.

James Nelson of Audubon, Iowa, devised a way to make this task both easier and safer: He placed a sliding sample door on the auger that removes the corn from its dryer.

The pipe welded to the sliding door makes both a handle and a spout. The door slides in a track and a stopper prevents the door from sliding completely.

Detail of the sample clamp door

Illustrations by Lant Elrod

When the 1¼-inch holes in the 3-inch-wide split clamp and the 8-inch auger tube line up, the corn falls through.

Before building the sliding grain sample door three years ago, Nelson says he had to use the factory installed one under the flow-through dryer.

“It’s not in a convenient location. It’s difficult to get in underneath with the dry auger sticking out right next to it. It’s tight underneath and low, so it’s hard to position the bucket, ”he says.

He points out that the bearings and pulleys are rotating in the area near the factory gate. Although they are covered in shields, “It’s still better to be further away.” I also wanted my oldest to be able to take a grain sample for me, ”he says.

“Now it’s at such a convenient height that I can fill my coat pocket with corn if I don’t have the bucket of samples with me. ”

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