Anderson Cooper shares magazine cover with Son Wyatt and fans can’t with cuteness overload


Anderson Cooper is one of the most recognizable faces on CNN. The TV reporter is always at the forefront of breaking news and recently made headlines with the birth of his son. Cooper became a father last year when he took in Wyatt through surrogacy. Since then, Wyatt has grown taller and recently made the cover of a popular magazine with his dad that fans can’t get over the cuteness overload.

Anderson Cooper | J. Comtesse / Getty Images

Anderson Cooper and his son are on the cover of a magazine

Cooper shared a photo on Instagram of himself and his son Wyatt. They both had big smiles and seemed to be having the happiest times. The photos are from the cover of People magazine where Cooper explains what prompted him to write a book about his family. “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty” is the title of the book which the CNN host says is a letter to his son.

In the magazine interview, Cooper expresses how happy his son is as always and a very social person.

“He’s doing this thing where we go to a cafe and he’s going to walk around and look at people, and once they make eye contact with him he’s going to laugh,” Cooper explained. “I like the way he interacts with strangers and takes pleasure in them. I am charmed by everything he does, annoying. And being there when he wakes up and pulls him out of the crib is just the best.

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Fans can’t get enough of the magazine cover with Anderson Cooper and Wyatt

It was that Wyatt smile that was contagious. After Cooper posted the post to Instagram, it didn’t take long for fans of the CNN star to react to the photos’ cuteness overload.

CNN colleague Ana Navarro said, “Okay. I want to hug this baby.

“He looks a lot like his grandmother… so cute,” one fan noted.

“Your son is just beautiful, the love in your eyes for him is everything,” added one follower.

“Love it, Wyatt looks so happy, love your AC360 show,” one Instagram user said.

“Beautiful pictures. He’s so adorable and those beautiful eyes! Another fan mentioned.

“I’m going to read this book. I love these adorable photos,” commented another follower.

“Such a strong resemblance to your mother-in-law,” said another Instagram user.

As you noticed, my fans also pointed out that Wyatt has all of the Vanderbilt genes and Cooper also acknowledged that his son reminded him of his brother Carter.

“I started to realize how Wyatt looks like Carter, who looked like my mom,” the published author told People. “It’s just that amazing feeling of connecting with people who are no longer there and connecting with the past. I really didn’t expect that.

Anderson Cooper (left) and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt (right).

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt | Jenny Anderson / WireImage

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How did the CNN host announce the birth of his son?

It was April 30, 2020, when Cooper confirmed he had become the father of a baby he named Wyatt Morgan Cooper. The TV reporter shared a post on Instagram with the information giving details of the origin of his son’s name.

“It is named after my father, who died when I was ten years old. I hope I can be as good a father as he is, ”Cooper explained at the time. “My son’s middle name is Morgan. It’s a last name from my mother’s side. I know my mom and dad loved Morgan’s name because I recently found a list they made 52 years ago while they were trying to come up with names for me. Wyatt Morgan Cooper. My son. He weighed 7.2 pounds when he was born, and he’s sweet, sweet and healthy and I’m more than happy. “

Cooper has since occasionally shared moments with his son allowing his fans to see how Wyatt is growing up.


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