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Mark Michaelson during the filming of the Sample Roasting Class. All images courtesy of Ally Coffee.

Green coffee trader Ally Coffee tapped 2017 USA Roast Champion and former Onyx Coffee Lab Chief Roaster Mark Michaelson for a new online course in sample roasting.

The “Complete Coffee Sample Roasting Course” is currently on offer for $195 and includes a series of instructional videos with many types of machines, video chats between Michaelson and Ally COO Ricardo Pereira, and a 100-page instructional PDF developed by Ally Director of Performance Ildi Révi.

The course is part of the Greenville, SC-based company’s Ally Open platform, a home for online coffee education and small-batch green coffee shopping that was introduced last year. last.

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For the sample roasting course, Michaelson presides over many machines commonly used in professional sample roasting, including a production roaster, an electric two-barrel sample roaster, and an Ikawa sample roaster.

“What we’re going to learn is how to properly sample the roast, what the actual protocols are, and why we take so much care in doing the protocols,” Michaelson said in Ally’s announcement of the new course.

The sample roasting guide created by Revi, a longtime educator and volunteer in the specialty coffee industry, is available either through purchase of the full course or on its own for $35.

Mark Michaelson (L) and Ricardo Pereira (R) filming the full course of roasting coffee samples - Photo credit Ally Coffee

Michaelson and Ally Coffee COO Ricardo Pereira.

“The term ‘sample roasting’ can be misleading,” Revi said. “Sample roasting involves much more than roasting a test amount of coffee – it involves purpose, organization, communication, and the ability to follow industry standards when necessary. it is a critical technical process at the heart of the global coffee supply chain.

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