Albaad Invests in Sustainable Nonwovens Production Line – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Albaad Group, a global manufacturer of nonwovens and wet wipes, is investing around 50 million euros in expanding and improving its production line for environmentally friendly nonwovens. The company will produce a sustainable fabric made entirely of natural fibers that is biodegradable, completely flushable and plastic-free. The market launch is scheduled for 2023 and indicates that the company is constantly pursuing its sustainability strategy. Today, most wet wipes products are made from synthetic fibers, such as cosmetics, baby care, and home cleaning wipes. This poses a major challenge to sanitation systems. When disposed of improperly, tear-proof wipes made of viscose-polyester fibers can be problematic and damaging. Additionally, products that are not biodegradable and flushable are a burden on the environment.

“As one of the world’s largest producers of wet wipes and nonwovens, at Albaad we understand and recognize the importance of innovation as a driver of growth and are committed to providing environmentally friendly products. of the highest quality environment in order to create a better world in which we live,” says Albaad CEO Dan Mesika.

By creating the new range of sustainable nonwoven products, Albaad not only aims to make an active contribution to the environment, but also to meet the growing customer demand for environmentally friendly alternatives. The new nonwoven material will be used in all of the manufacturer’s product categories, including wet toilet paper, baby care and feminine hygiene wet wipes, household wipes and personal care wipes. “The material will be plastic-free and biodegradable, as it will be made only from natural fibers. However, the quality of the product will certainly not be overlooked,” emphasizes Mesika. “This makes Albaad one of the first wet wipes companies in the world to be fully integrated into a growing eco-friendly product line through sustainable innovation.”

The new product line is developed using innovative technology from the nonwovens industry. Albaad, as Europe’s leading manufacturer of wet wipes, aims to further optimize its capabilities and skills in developing sustainable products using this technology. The new nonwoven will be manufactured at the company’s production site in Israel and shipped to all of its sites worldwide. In the future, not only will consumers benefit from more choice when shopping, but the expanded product range will also create additional jobs at Albaad. “Innovations are an important source of growth and value creation for businesses. We are therefore convinced that this investment will quickly pay for itself,” says Mesika.

The company plans to launch the new nonwoven in 2023.

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