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Check out 9 sites to create your own magazine cover

If you’ve ever wanted to put your face on a magazine cover, you can do that with Photoshop, but of course you’ll need some skills. Then again, why bother when you can create one fairly quickly with the right online tool? I found on 9 such tools you can use to create magazine covers, with little or no design skills.

Whether it’s Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Glamor, or Times Magazine, take a look at the tools below and see what you like. Maybe you could even use it for prank your friends.

FotoJet Magazine Cover Designer

With Magazine Cover Creator, You can put your own image on the covers of magazines as famous as People, Playboy, Time, Fortune, with just one click. The site has models to choose from and one simple and user-friendly interface work with. Keep your magazine cover ready in JPG or PNG, or share directly to social networks.


PhotoFunia is an online service that allows you to adjust your photos, to create a Post card, add funny faces, drawings, frames to your images and add your photo to a magazine cover. Instead of having a generic magazine cover with your image on it, this service allows you to incorporate the magazine into photographs of real life situations.

funny picture

funny picture allows you to play with various photo effects, frames, postcard templates and collage to enhance your image and create your own personal proof of fame. Have a photo editor what can help you retouch a photo before using it. You will find a variety of magazine covers, including some of the more modern.


BigHugeLabs It gives you a few options while uploading your photo. You can choose to do this from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, or from your Flickr photos stream. In addition, with this tool you can select your magazine layout, title, slogan, publication date, and more. To top it off, you can even use it to create a postcard.


Madmagz is an online tool that allows you to not only create a magazine cover, but a complete magazine line by line. They have pre-designed magazine templates, and you can choose any of them: modern, classic, pop art, visual, minimal, newsletter, romance, clean, flat and more.

To note: Actually, it’s a paid service, with some free options; you can create a web magazine version for free.


LucidPress allows you to create a magazine with brochures, posters, flyers, invitations and newsletters. You can choose one of the preset magazine templates, each adjustable to match your brand. This tool is paid for, but if you only want to make a magazine cover with yourself, you can do it for free.


Fakeazine gives you the opportunity to become the star of a selection of over 100 magazines. You can upload a photo and then adjust it by zooming in and out, dragging it as needed, and even changing the background color. Once you are done, get a code to share the cover of this magazine via your social networks, forums, etc.


Cloth is a popular online tool for adding text to images. You can make a magazine cover with your photo, presentation, poster, different social media profiles and cover images, blog images, CV and many more. They have pre-made drawings of each type of images, so that you can insert your own image and text – and it’s.


If you like pulp magazines, with this tool you can put your photo in a pulp magazine cover. The customization tool allows you adjust text, columns, alignment, text size, shadow, font and more. Then you can the cover or use it for print t-shirts, mugs, magnets, posters, ipad cases and more (this is a Zazzle third-party service, fees apply).

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